The Beastmen VS The Empire – Total War: Warhammer 2 Cinematic Battle.

In this multiplayer battle, The Empire marches to war against the Beastmen in an attempt to vanish the dark omen that taints their lands. Arch Lector Atilius will test the faith of his men to their limits as he faces an ancient enemy that threatens to ravage their civilized world.

This is a multiplayer battle I had with my friend “Uncle” just for fun. We tried to add a bit of a backstory to it as well as some lore bits here and there. In the game he demolished my Empire troops with Malagor and his horde of Beastmen. Hope you enjoyed it! For the next episode I´m planning on doing the second most voted option we had in our last poll. So we will go north and explore Norsca & The Chaos Wastes.

►Warrior Priest Illustration by Matt Buck

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