The Empire – Warhammer Fantasy Lore – Total War: Warhammer 2

Thank you for watching!! The topic for this episode was the one chosen by the community in a poll we did last week. The video took more time than anticipated to make, hence the delay. This is an overview video of The Empire and one of the biggest challenges for this one was trying to pack the most amount of information possible into the episode. Going into the entire history of The Empire would require a really long video so I´m planning on making separate videos for the different events and main characters: “The Great War against Chaos”, “Balthasar Gelt” or “The Skaven Wars”, for example.
Hope you enjoyed the video!

The Empire is the largest and most powerful realm in the Old World. Founded by the warrior-god Sigmar, it is built up of city-states and provinces that are bound together under the rule of the Emperor. However, it faces dire circumstances, and to survive, The Empire is constantly at war.


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