Welcome friend! I'm Choyer. I run a Youtube channel in which I make narrative Total War cinematic battles and Warhammer Lore videos. Currently the main focus is on exploring the vast world of Warhammer Fantasy.

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The continent of Lustria has had a long and tumultuous history. One of the most significant events within these lands was the savage war between the Lizardmen and Clan Pestilens. For more than a century, the unrelenting clash between these forces claimed uncountable lives from both sides. This is the story of...

Warhammer Fantasy Lore: SAVAGE ORCS – Total War: Warhammer

The savage orcs come from a time where their race had no means of manufacturing armour, metal weaponry or war machines… Due to their low intellect, a savage orc is an unpredictable yet ferocious fighter. Narration by: Skrubasauras https://www.twitch.tv/skrubasauras Additional Mods used for this episode:...

Nehekhara: An overview of the land of the dead.

There was a time when Nehekhara stood as the crown of human civilization; a golden age when its cities shone with majestic splendor, its armies conquered entire nations and its kings ruled as gods amongst men. Now, no living thing stirs in this place and the deserts and cities of Nehekhara are...

Content Previews, Content Schedule, Voice acting – 10k SUBSCRIBERS CHANNEL UPDATE.

In this episode, I talk about the current state of the channel, some future plans and showcase some previews of the upcoming videos. A big thanks to all of you who watch and enjoy the content. Two points that didn´t make it into the video but I´d like to share with you...

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